Author = Vijaya Laxmi Pikkala
Number of Articles: 5
2. Discrete Time Analysis of Multi-Server Queueing System with Multiple Working Vacations and Reneging of Customers‎

Volume 9, 1 (WINTER), Winter 2019, Pages 1-15

Vijaya Laxmi Pikkala; Wondewosen Tegegne Kassahun

3. A Study on State Dependent Accessible and Second Optional Service Queue with Impatient and Feedback Customers

Volume 8, 4 (FALL), Summer 2018, Pages 207-216

Vijaya Laxmi Pikkala; Girija Bhavani Edadasari

4. Transient Solution of an M/M/1 Variant Working Vacation Queue with Balking

Volume 8, 1 (WINTER), Winter 2018, Pages 17-27

Vijaya Laxmi Pikkala; Rajesh Pilla

5. Perishable Inventory Model with Retrial Demands, Negative Customers and Multiple Working Vacations

Volume 7, 4 (FALL), Autumn 2017, Pages 239-254

Vijaya Laxmi Pikkala; Soujanya M.L.