Mathematical Model for Designing the Cultural Center of Tehran with the Approach of Popularity Among People

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1 Islamic Azad University. I.A.U branch Dubai

2 Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Brach Tehran Iran


Nowadays high trend of human machinery life, high utilizing vehicles, avoiding urban public place along with neglecting identity, cultural and social values of these places make that the places in urban different scales dismiss their importance and real role. In recent decades, designing public places in urban different scales has been considered as awesome effort to meet human social needs. Therefor the purpose of writing the current research is to identify and rank driving affecting factors on designing cultural center in Tehran. The research is applicable from goal view and descriptive from data collection. Data gathering tool is questionnaire from which library and fieldwork were utilized for its designation. Statistical society includes 10000 people who pass or exist in special region of Tehran from which 384 ones were selected as statistical sample. Sampling strategy was simple random too. To measure affecting factors on designing cultural center, five main dimensions include physical, social, activities, economic and environmental factors were utilized. For this mean, a questionnaire includes 45 questions was designed and distributed among statistical society. The results of applying structural equation model in LISREL software environment illustrated that all mentioned dimensions affect significantly and positively on designing cultural center. Meanwhile the influence of environmental factors on designing cultural center was more than others. Continuously by applying fuzzy TOPSIS technique, all sub criteria were ranked that “adjoining nature and natural elements”, “existing green area in enclosure” and “facility of study” were selected as the most important factors.