Mathematical Modeling of COVID-19 Pandemic with Treatment

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In this paper, mathematical model of COVID-19 Pandemic is discussed. The positivity, boundedness, and existence of the solutions of the model equations are proved. The Disease-free & endemic equilibrium points are identified. Stability Analysis of the model is done with the concept of Next generation matrix. we investigated that DFEP of the model E_0 is locally asymptotically stable if α≤β+δ+μ & unstable if α>β+δ+μ . It is shown that if reproduction number is less than one, then COVID-19 cases will be reduced in the community. However, if reproduction number is greater than one, then covid-19 continue to persist in the Community. Lastly, numerical simulations are done with DEDiscover 2.6.4. software. It is observed that with Constant treatment, increase or decrease contact rate among persons leads great variation on the basic reproduction number which is directly implies that infection rate plays a vital role on decline or persistence of COVID-19 pandemic.