Anisotropic Charged Stellar Models

Document Type : Review Article


Department of Mathematical Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka


A new class of exact solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell system is found in closed form for a static spherically symmetric anisotropic star in the presence of an electric field by generalizing earlier approaches. The field equations are integrated by specifying one of the gravitational potentials, the anisotropic factor and electric field which are physically reasonable. We demonstrate that it is possible to obtain a more general class of solutions to the Einstein-Maxwell system in the form of series with anisotropic matter. For specific parameter values it is possible to find new exact models for the Einstein-Maxwell system in terms of elementary functions from the general series solution. Our results contain particular solutions found previously including models of Thirukkanesh and Maharaj (2009) and Komathiraj and Maharaj (2007) charged relativistic models.