Theory of a Superluminous Vacuum Quanta as the Fabric of Space

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Our observations of magneton with Ferrolens shows evidence pointing to such magneton entity, and more evidently in recent results with the synthetic vacuum unipole experiments. Physics formalism ansatz novel model analyses demonstrate how vacuum quanta may have sufficient energy for vacuum genesis, by constructing eigenspinors of zero_point microblackhole Hamiltonian quantum mechanics with Helmholtz decomposition matrix of gradient and rotational tensors, that are characteristic of translational vortex fields. With these mathematical physics processes, we obtain resulting energy fields spatial property partial differential equations characterizing eigenstate energetics of zero_point vacuum quagmire, as well as eigenstate vortex fields of microblackhole, both together making up plasmodial zones within quagmire. Specific eigenspinors Hamiltonian partial differential equations quantifying energy and fields eigenfunctions. Vacuum that is dipole vacuum may have superposition of complex input of quagmire vortex fields acting to create non-Hermitian quantum relativistic physics.