Analysis of a Three Age Group Preys with Control Measures of COVID-19 Spread in the Third Prey

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1 Department of Mathematics‎, Annamalai University‎, Chidambaram‎, ‎India

2 Department of Mathematics‎, Annamalai University‎ Chidambaram‎, ‎India


‎In this paper we study the covid-19 disease with treatment and control to spread it with different measures‎. ‎The model equations are analysed from the general MC Kendrick equations for age structured populations‎. ‎The existence,positiveness,boundedness and stability of equilibria are studied as they depend on the prey's natural carrying capacity‎. ‎The main result of this paper is the three age group population‎, ‎how to control and avoid to infect the disease from predator with local,global stability and Hopf bifurcation method also utilised.Finally the result of this model prey predator where numerical examples using maple software of Rossler type.